Monitor Temperatures with Shutters While Saving Energy Costs

Did you know that heating and cooling require the most energy usage in a home? Therefore, it is worth considering the amount of energy that is wasted in your home on a daily basis. The first things people think of when it comes to energy efficiency is turning off lights in empty rooms and unplugging unused charging devices. Even though […]

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Open your Shutters to Spring

Now that spring is upon us, we are seeing more sunlight throughout the day. Although this is a positive thing after the dreadful winter, it means we are constantly monitoring how much light is entering our homes. One of the best ways of controlling light is by installing shutters to cover the windows in every room. At Cadillac Windows Fashions, […]

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Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Blinds

When you think of blinds, you might think that they are unappealing, or worse, you might overlook them completely. At Cadillac Window Fashions, we show them in a new light by offering a wide selection of gorgeous blinds. Some of the most popular options that we offer include vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, and they come in a variety of materials […]

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Drapes, the Perfect Choice for Any Home

When decorating your home, not only do you want everything to look aesthetically pleasing, but you want it to also be functional. With Cadillac Window Fashions, we provide the best of both worlds by offering drapery that is both beautiful and practical. Drapery is a timeless look that has proven time and time again to give off a luxurious look […]

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Why Choose Shutters for Your Home?

Here at Cadillac Window Fashions we know that choosing the right window coverings for your home or office can be a daunting task. There are a lot of options to choose from and shutters are a great option. They are low maintenance, weather resistant and are quick and easy to install. They give a clean look to any room […]

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Shutters Offer Beauty Without the Pain

There are so many options when it comes to window coverings, and at Cadillac Window Fashions, we know just how difficult making that choice can be. Simply put, shutters are a wonderful addition to any home as they provide a luxurious aesthetic without any hassle! Between wood shutters, California shutters, or a customizable option, you can create a stylish atmosphere […]

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6 Excellent Benefits to Having Motorized Window Blinds

Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning, little by little your window blinds are opening, letting the sun in. Imagine as you’re getting ready to go to sleep, your blinds close without the touch of a button. Does the thought of scheduled motorized blinds sound like something in the far future? Think again! Smart homes are getting more popular by […]

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Opulence with Curtains and Drapes

Some beautiful windows in magnificent homes deserve to be dressed in luxurious excellence. As in regal palaces and mansions throughout the world, stately windows of opulent quality are adorned in the most glorious of fabrics. The end result can easily dance upon the eyes as works of art, particularly when framing the glory of nature’s vistas. Your home is your […]

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High Quality Low Maintenance Shutters

Shutters that are of high quality and low maintenance indeed add value to any space. Clean architecture, innovative design and crisp visuals, they offer a distinct grace upon sight. You definitely can’t beat their functionality. There’s a certain luxury of being able to turn day into night to enjoy a cool movie in the brightness of a balmy summer afternoon; […]

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Opening Window Blinds to Spring

Spring cleaning is upon us as we open up the window blinds allowing the warm sunshine and fresh air into our interior living, working and recreational spaces. The sunlight seems to shine in and really point out everything! ‘Look at the dust over there! See this dirt right here?!’ The sun reveals all that seeks attention, and the fresh outside […]

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