California Shutters

“A few months ago I went out on a service call; the client was interested in purchasing California Shutters for one window. I was able to meet the customer’s needs and we got the sale. Everything was great. We set a date for our installer to install the California Shutters. He went to the client’s premises and did a great job and everyone was happy. The day after the installation I got a call from the client telling me how much she loves the California Shutters and now she wants to redo the whole house in California Shutters. You can imagine how delighted I was. My first thought was what a great installer we have and the next was how thrilled I was about the new job. It turns out the client loved the work and the installer. And just to complete this with a storybook (but true) ending, the client actually invited our installer and his wife for dinner.”   (Cadillac Shutters & Blinds employee)